How to Write a Case Study Well? – These 7 Tips Will Help

Case study is a popular type of writing in colleges and business schools. As a rule, writing a case study is a captivating and educative process which pays off in terms of finishing a course up to the mark. However, most of time, case studies students submit don’t create as much hype and interest as initially desired.

Given topic is right and manuscript is grammatically 100% correct, the pitfall is most usually hidden in the content. In other words, the case study research and writing doesn’t have any cliffhanger, peculiar info, relevant data or fresh points of view. Is there anything to be done about it? Of course, here are 7 proper hints how to write a case study for you to follow and win ten times from ten.

Essentials of case studies for goal-oriented students

  1. Depict something to which a professor or other students can relate. Keeping readers engaged and interested is one of the first prerequisites of your paper’s success. Try to deliver the kind of information and research matter which will pick attention of the audience and arouse curiosity, desire to learn more;
  2. Always deliver a story. Apart from the fact people like reading stories, people also like reading stories which have both the beginning and the end. In addition, the end of your story must feature well-thought conclusions and lessons to be learned from it;
  3. Make information easy to consume. Have you ever read Harvard case studies? Language is as plain as possible, information is delivered in bullet lists, coherent paragraphs and images, plot is well-conceived, key message can be extracted without a hitch;
  4. Provide legit figures and numbers. Are you still in secondary school? While even for 10-year-olds giving fake numbers isn’t much advised, for a college student it means your paper is plain hackwork. So do you best to collect trustworthy intelligence and credible numeric data;
  5. As a case study writer, keep your paper specific. Don’t mistreat your readers with wishy-washy ‘data’ and far-fetched ‘facts’. If you’re about to give working tips or highlight a particular success story, do it without any milk-and-water. Paper’s word-count is not that vital as solid content;
  6. Sometimes a creative format is the most welcome. Indeed, for example if your case paper is presented in a form of an interview or memoirs, it’ll help you score more grades and outweigh other papers done in a more classic way;
  7. Prepare handouts and reference materials for audience members. Not by the textbook, requiring greater effort on your behalf, still an excellent way to create wow-effect and show everyone who runs the classroom here.

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